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Peter is specialising in visualising concepts and ideas, which mostly end up within areas of branding, product design, interactive design, illustration or anywhere in between.

Currently Freelance & Available!

40 Pages a Day

I read 40 pages per day. I’m obsessed with knowing more, exploring new techniques, tactics and wisdom.

Bulletproof Mindset

I always had it, vision of better. I visualised victory, success, abundance. I visualised that all, and it’s all happening. – Conor. I’m having it pretty much the same way.


Love to joke

I love to tell them, hear them, love to make people smile and love to watch stand up comedy. I’m easy going guy.

Work Smart

I’m working really hard to work smart, so I can increase my per hour output. Thank you Tim.


Helps me being more focused and sharp, also handle the stress and making better decisions.


I’m strong believer, that mental and physical work have to be in balance. And that you should express your creativity through movement as well. Currently, I fall in love with mixed martial arts.

On the Shoulder of Giants

As a lifelong learner I study the greatest people from different fields, which gave me most powerful mentors. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, don’t you?

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